Sports Medicine Injuries

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As a sports medicine physician I see many different injuries that happen on the field, at a club or in the backyard.  The injuries can be from the head to the toes.  Most injuries fall under the sprain/strain category. This is when a muscle or ligament is stretched and becomes inflammed. In a few cases there can be a complete tear of the muscle or ligament.  By in large most are inflammed. The best way to help with self diagnosis is to remember what the event was that caused the injury.  Often times a person is over doing an activity and in the moment does not realize that they have injured themselves.  When they get home their muscle and joint may be sore and painful.  The best treatment is R: rest, I: ice, C: compression and E: elevation.  If you can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication then you can start with a dose. 

Most sprains and strains resolve quickly. If it persists and limits your ability to move or walk then it would be advisable to see a sports medicine specialist who is trained in sports injuries.  We can help make the appropriate diagnosis and advise a proper course of treatment. 

The goal for all treatment is to decrease the pain and inflammation so that you can return to the activity safely.  Years of experience treating sports injuries allow us to use our knowlege base to offer the patient the most effective treatment. Our goal is aligned with the patient goal of returning them to their sport. 

In futures blogs I will discuss other common sports injuries that a sports medicine specialist sees in practice.

Bruce I. Prager, M.D.

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