ORIF: What is it?

Open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF)

ORIF is one of the most common terms used in orthopedic surgery. It is used when we are describing how a fracture is treated. Fractures can be treated in several different ways depending upon the alignment, location and age of the patient. The simplest way to treat a fracture is called closed. This is when there is little to no displacement and the fracture is immobilized in a cast or splint. If the fracture is displaced and the surgeon feels that it can be reduced he or she may do a closed reduction and immobilize the bone in a cast or splint.

When is ORIF used?

ORIF is used when the fracture is displaced and it needs to be reduced in order for the bone to heal properly. In this fracture of a humerus the bone is shattered and significantly displaced. It is obviously painful and needs to be fixed.


ORIF used for fractured humerus bone.

There are a number of different techniques and implants that we use in this type of surgery. One of the most frequently used is a plate and screws. In order for the patient to regain any function and to allow the bone to heal, an ORIF was done. The fracture was stabilized and went onto heal.

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